Human Capital Management

AchieveNEXT® delivers the most comprehensive, executive-level human capital services available for middle market organizations of all types and sizes, private or public.

Staff specialists and carefully selected partners across North America bring integrated one-on-one executive coaching, training and talent development services to enable success for you and your organization. Our expertise includes executive coaching,  career transition management, talent development, team building, succession planning,  and mentoring programs.

Kelleher Associates is a Philadelphia area leader in career transition, executive mentoring and executive coaching.

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Executive Coaching

Complete coaching, mentoring, assessment and testing.

Career Management

Strategic and marketing driven coaching to guide your career path using our unique Kelleher Career Management Process.

Compensation Consulting

Employment agreements, short-term and long-term incentive plans, executive benefits, severance/retention programs.

Business Development & Sales Training

Goal-focused onsite or remote programs, continuing education.

Leadership & Management Training

Custom designed, along with assessment and mentoring services.

Peer Networks

Your career coach will identify and train executives on participating and using peer groups.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at 610-492-7400, or submit your request via the AchieveNEXT contact form.