AchieveNEXT Diversity & Inclusion Managing Director, Robyn Pollack, Shares Sentiments on the Need For Connectivity During COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the most unique aspects of AchieveNEXT is the relentless focus on connection and relationships. It is evident in how we interact with our clients, members, colleagues and friends, and in how we interact internally as a team. It is one of the reasons I joined AchieveNEXT – I missed collaboration – and it was time to make the “me equation” the “we equation.”

As our daily lives are increasingly impacted by the Coronavirus, and many of us are staying in our homes, that connection and human interaction has been interrupted. As a very social person, I feel the weight of that in only a couple of days. The group text chat of my gym friends does not replace seeing those people, and sharing the experience of surviving a grueling workout together. I am no longer teaching my law school students in person and miss the impromptu conversations we have. My house is not full of my younger son’s high school friends sharing where they are all going to college in the fall. As humans, we crave and thrive from connection and relationships. And while each of us may need it to varying degrees, it is that need for connectivity and interaction that defines and drives us every day.

Huey is too busy working virtually to pose for the camera!

As together we navigate the days and weeks ahead, connections, relationships, and the sense of we is paramount. The team at AchieveNEXT is committed to continue to provide our members and clients the unparalleled benchmarking, best practices, human capital solutions and peer advisory services we always have. The delivery mechanism may be different, but the message is the same.

While we will talk together about the financial and business impact of this crisis, and what we need to do today to be ready to resume enterprise operations tomorrow, the one thing that will get us to the other side is our ability to remain connected and rely on the strength of relationships.

Join us for on-line conversations, webinars, and virtual learning so you can stay connected to your peers, and ensure that your employees and customers feel that connection too.

To connect with me (and Huey) or have us make a virtual connection for you to a peer, please reach out:


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