AchieveNEXT Enters National Strategic Relationship With Acrisure

AchieveNEXT®, a leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and specialized Career, Coaching, Training & Development Services, today announced a strategic relationship between AchieveNEXT’s CFO Alliance Peer Advisory Network and Acrisure, a top 10 global insurance broker and the fastest growing insurance broker in industry history.

“Given the increasing frequency and complexities of risks that emerging and middle market enterprises are facing in 2020, we needed to select a risk partner that could provide our Alliance Members with industry-specific specialties, powerful risk program development capabilities, and dedication to entrepreneurial enterprises,” says AchieveNEXT CEO, Nick Araco. “Acrisure’s network of Agency Partners clearly fit this mold. The value of their global network is the local presence of their agencies that enable them to provide the local, personal level of service that our Alliance Members need and deserve.”

Acrisure is a top 10 global insurance broker, which delivers the highest quality insurance solutions through its growing global network. With annual revenues of $2 billion, Acrisure has more than 561 domestic locations in 39 states and 16 international locations. Agency Partners maintain operational leadership and local autonomy, and keep decisions at the customer level.

Members of AchieveNEXT’s CFO Alliance Peer Advisory Network will have access to Acrisure products, services, and thought leadership resources, including property and casualty, alternative risk financing, claim and collateral trending analysis, and international insurance programs. These offerings enable business owners and key decision-makers, like today’s strategic CFOs, to prepare for and mitigate risk within their enterprises. This relationship elevates the core objectives of each organization, illustrating the natural alignment between Acrisure and AchieveNEXT’s CFO Alliance Peer Advisory Network.

“As an Acrisure Agency Partner, we are excited to bring our insurance expertise to a network of CFOs who understand the importance of proper, in-depth, and proactive risk management. In addition, we believe the AchieveNEXT Peer Advisory Network will benefit greatly from the market leverage and proprietary industry- and coverage-specific programs Acrisure brings to the table for our clientele,” says John Scirocco, President & CEO, Scirocco Group.

“Acrisure is pleased to enter into this relationship. Exceptional relationships are a touchstone of Acrisure, and we’re confident our network of Agency Partners will meet the evolving risk needs of AchieveNext’s CFO Alliance Peer Advisory Network,” said Sozon Vatikiotis, Acrisure’s Chief Operating Officer.

About AchieveNEXT
AchieveNEXT, headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and specialized Career, Coaching, and Training and Development Services with a relentless focus on top-line, bottom-line, and shareholder value. AchieveNEXT’s Alliance Peer Advisory Networks are the leading peer advisory networks for more than 8,000 Modern Finance and HR leaders representing middle market and emerging enterprises from diverse industries and markets.

Membership to the Alliance Peer Advisory Networks are for Modern Finance and HR leaders who are committed to a path of constant learning, self-improvement, and knowledge, experience and insight sharing. Alliance Network members share their knowledge, insights, advice and counsel virtually and in-person to ‘Make Connections That Count.’ For membership information, visit

About Acrisure
Acrisure’s success is due to our unique model, powered by an alignment of interests with our Agency Partners. Our Agency Partners maintain local autonomy, keep decisions at the customer level, and are offered tools and resources to accelerate growth. Acrisure is majority-owned by employees and has 561 domestic locations in 39 states and six countries. As a top 10 global broker, we are driven by the pursuit of limitless growth through exceptional partnerships. Find out more at

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