Business Planning & Budgeting

There is not a company in the middle market that won’t admit to being able to improve their strategic planning. By taking the sophistication of the Fortune 500 and combining it with the speed of start-up/scale-ups we have developed a proprietary business planning process to connect key strategic & operational choices into long-term and annual financial plans where every decision is reflected.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

The truth is in the numbers. Whether you are looking to secure growth capital or brief your shareholders, we work together to fully understand your business and develop enterprise financial models that drive improved decision making. In addition to financial controls, we deliver forecast version reconciliation & assumption/choice/trend attribution and scenario modeling & sensitivity analyses to help drive analytically-backed insights & recommendations.

Performance Measuring & Reporting

Is the plan working? Our approach to effective performance measurement is to implement performance goal setting, followed by regular business reviews, accountability scorecards, and actionable management reporting. We work with our clients to ensure that they are getting traction on what matters to them most. We embed management financial reporting, external trends & development reporting, and performance & initiative progress scorecards into your company so that

Business Analytics & Insights

Our research shows that CFOs on average spend 80% more time analysing the accuracy and validity of their data rather than implementing the decisions based upon it. We integrate analytics into everything we do so that you can lead decisions with data and information. Our focus is to implement a scalable analytics infrastructure where the right questions can not only be asked, but more importantly answered with insights and recommendations.

Data & Metrics

FP&A enables enhanced decision making. Through our FAACT framework we ensure focus and alignment around strategic and operational priorities. We also create accountability into performance and progress using accurate data and fact based insights.

Nick Fischer

“Business performance is the responsibility of every member of the team. We are here to ensure that your team is performing to its maximum potential.”