Valuations are above all an analysis and numbers game. With the right expertise, your valuation can increase dramatically with simple changes or undemanding pivots on existing perceptions. Through analysis, an understanding of your business and industry, and years of knowledge from successful transactions, AchieveNEXT financial, operational, and entrepreneurial experts quickly identify your real, perceived, and future value. Go beyond the numbers to the real analysis that will protect your interests and negotiating position.


M&A Transactions are challenging; the financial side is stressful, complex, and high stakes. The emotional and mental impact can be just as taxing. The middle market expertise of AchieveNEXT affords us the opportunity to keep our fingers on the “pulse of Main Street.” We understand the challenges and know how to optimally position your business for the maximum gain.


Tax implications of a completed transaction are a guarantee. A thorough tax strategy will add financial strength, and minimize organizational risk. The experts at AchieveNEXT have both the operational and intellectual expertise to help you make the right decisions within the timeline necessary to ensure a timely close.


For some companies these are well established functions; for others, stakeholder relations is murky at best. AchieveNEXT guides your leadership team through the complex financial, marketing, and operational communications needed to build strong relationships with some of your most important contacts. Be in the know about circumstantial best practices and mandatories. Some transactions such as IPO, require a formal investor relations strategy and manual to ensure regulatory compliance. Our team can help you navigate these waters.


The most overlooked element of a transaction is frequently the people required to make it successful post-paperwork: the people. A change management strategy is most effective if planned pre-transaction. AchieveNEXT experts integrate people and process to maximize growth and minimize the operational disruption. Our experience enables AchieveNEXT to energize and organize your staff so that the necessary communication occurs and those that need to know are adequately prepared to lead the charge in times of turmoil.

Data & Metrics

In addition to the standard financial data, we use our proprietary software to quantify risk and human capital. This data informs the strategy which will ultimately lead to a better transaction amount. Our V.E.R.A. process data answers two fundamental questions:

  1. What is my business worth?
  2. Is it sellable?

“At AchieveNEXT we believe that trust and honesty are the only two characteristics by which to measure a relationship.”