Enterprise Security Risk Management: How Great Risks Lead To Great Deeds

The CSO Roundtable provides a dedicated forum for the senior-most security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world. An initiative of ASIS International, the CSO Roundtable became its own membership organization in 2008 to gain recognition for and enhance the standing of the CSO position; to assist CSOs in job performance, leadership, and professional development; and to develop the next generation of corporate CSOs.

This benchmarking survey and white paper will serve as a snapshot of how well security professionals understand ESRM, what the challenges of its implementation across an entire organization are, and precisely what the rewards are. For the business, rewards include ensuring that a broad range of risks—including those to areas that aren’t always considered by corporate “risk management” practices, such as reputation and brand—are reviewed with an expert eye. And for the security professional, the rewards include a better understanding of the business, which can significantly enhance a career.

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