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Empower Growth Through Executive Coaching. Need advice, training, and tools to advance your team’s performance and career? Let our experienced Coaches guide you on how to achieve your next level.


Relational capital is the distinct value created by people in a business relationship. It is where credibility, integrity, and authenticity converge when people work together. While most organizations believe that relationships are the key to their success, their approach is paradoxical as the majority lack specific strategies and relationship training that focus on building and sustaining those critical relationships. Our relational capital services and software bring the human element to sales performance analytics and are built for sales professionals and leaders at all levels. AchieveNEXT relational capital services can be personalized to all employees in a business hierarchy whether you are in sales or another client-facing role, lead or participate in a management team, or focus more on the relational aspects of your profession. LEARN MORE


Now is not the time to compromise on value.

In times of transition and uncertainty, our expert coaches provide personalized, one-on-one career counseling. Utilize our extensive networking opportunities and personal brand development to land sooner in the right role with the highest earning potential.


Do you know the 100 people who are most important to the success of your business? Do you have visibility into the strength of those critical relationships? Our relationship training solutions provide industry specific, interactive, and actionable approaches for your enterprise sales team—those serving as the boots-on-the-ground face of your business and the flag bearer of your brand. We provide your team with the tools and strategies to prioritize, measure, and advance your most impactful business relationships and unlock potential partnerships using our unique relational capital software.

Pre & Post M&A Services

Given today’s ever-changing business and economic environment, many enterprises seek mergers and acquisitions to accelerate their growth and performance. While these transactions provide extraordinary opportunities to increase shareholder value, they also present significant potential risks for the buyer and the seller. In fact, numerous studies indicate that as many as 90 percent of transactions fail to achieve pre-merger expectations.

In order to mitigate the risk of a failed transaction and to maximize the probability of its success, it is critical that the buyer and the seller understand the strength of their greatest asset — the strength of their customer and employee relationships. However, most transaction teams fail to consider:

  • Measuring and tracking the actual strength of customer relationships
  • Understanding the alignment between employee experience (culture) and customer experience
  • Identifying the risks of relationship deterioration during post-merger integration

Our Relational Capital professionals assist clients through the pre and post-close phases of their Merger & Acquisition activities by helping them measure, analyze and drive the value of their greatest assets — their relationships.


We teach management teams how to use executive mentoring techniques to enhance productivity, retention, teamwork, and business results. Develop team effectiveness, build relationships, align goals, and improve work processes throughout your leadership team. The experience and expertise of our Kelleher and Relational Capital teams ensure accurate diagnosis of issues, design of effective organizational change strategies, and to identify individuals in the company who have the potential to develop into great leaders.


Generic compensation data is available all-too-easily. Without context or strategy, the data provides little value in the real world proving grounds of compensation negotiations. AchieveNEXT goes beyond the generic data to provide tailored analysis and consultation customized to the many facets of your unique opportunity. Our consultants specialize in the middle market and can guide your team with employment agreements, short-term and long-term incentive plans, executive benefits, as well as severance and retention programs.


More than just training.

Enterprises that have diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue. But realizing those results requires an integrated, comprehensive approach. It requires more than just training. Our methodology assessment, strategic planning and alignment, implementable solutions and metrics. Our framework is specifically designed to positively impact financial performance and enterprise culture.