CLIENT: National financial services, wealth management, and capital markets firm.

SITUATION: Recognizing the importance of diverse talent engagement and development, this firm was looking for a way to support, invest in, and build the core competencies of its diverse financial advisor associates in a measurable, strategic, and equitable way.

SOLUTION: AchieveNEXT created, launched, and implemented a formalized mentoring program with measurable goals, objectives, and KPI’s.  This program was designed to increase retention and financial performance of diverse talent, and position the firm for future succession planning.

CLIENT: National and international civil engineering, elite construction design, and environmental firm.

SITUATION: After one year in existence, the leaders of the women’s initiative wanted to expand the group’s purpose and create more external, outward facing programs that would impact business development efforts.

SOLUTION: AchieveNEXT consulted with the group and helped them design a Women’s Leadership Summit, which initially included approximately 150 client and referral attendees. This growing, annual event not only created financial impact for the firm as a result of additional business opportunities, but positioned the firm as an industry leader for women’s initiatives.