Relationship Quotient® Solutions

Build Stronger Business Relationships with Your Customers

Sales professionals who master business relationship skills experience increased sales velocity, transparency into key relationship strengths, improved overall performance, reduced revenue risk, and higher customer loyalty.

While everyone inherently knows that better relationships are the secret to sales success, less than 5% of sales professionals do anything about it. Most sellers have not learned the playbook to create, sustain and improve relationships.

AchieveNEXT offers two Relationship Quotient® (RQ) solutions to prioritize, measure, and advance long-term business relationships.

89% of senior executives say relationships have a significant impact on business results. Yet, only 24% of them say they use a formal and consistent process to build business relationships.


AchieveNEXT, in partnership with SPARXiQ, delivers engaging, video-based virtual training programs. Virtual courses are produced by the award-winning SPARXiQ creative team and delivered through short episodes of Hollywood-quality content format that keeps learners engaged.

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Bring AchieveNEXT content to life for your team through interactive instructor-led programs. Live seminars include tailored hands-on exercises and lively discussions to help attendees immediately apply the concepts to their workflow.