The RQ Assessment® is an online tool designed to quantify and assess the strength of your business relationships. CRM systems connect each interaction to user demographic information, but they do not objectively evaluate the strength of the relationship based on the human-to-human connection. By completing the 20-minute online assessment you will acquire insights that go deeper into the psyche of your customer and determine the five most important relationships.  Take RQ Assessment


Knowledge without action is fruitless. Our unique tool, Relational GPS®, creates the route to your goal destination. Once armed with relevant Relational Capital insights, and analysis, you and your team are enabled to strategize and plan actionable steps to strengthen those relationships and improve sales performance. The experts at AchieveNEXT collaborate with and guide senior business leaders to develop company-wide strategies and actionable plans designed to deliver results throughout your value chain.


Exceptional execution is vital. Our experts lead award winning workshops and tabletops both onsite at your location and virtually from around the globe. Participants put the insights and actions established through the AchieveNEXT RQ Assessment® and Relational GPS® into action and practice in a safe and engaging forum. Our engaging and energetic speakers bring out the best in business professionals, enabling them to approach and strengthen relationships with renewed awareness, intentionality, and motivation.


In business today, everything can be commoditized, digitized, or outsourced—except for relationships! More than 89 percent of executives believe that strong business relationships are the reason they meet their targets each year, yet less than 5 percent of sales professionals develop specific strategies for identifying, measuring, or advancing their customer relationships. Helping executives and sales professionals develop and leverage the power of business relationships to accelerate deals, negotiate better terms, meet business objectives and exceed sales targets is a task that you simply can’t afford to overlook. Learn how you, your executive team, and your sales professionals can implement the Five-Step Relational Ladder Process to transform contacts into high-performing relationships.


RQ® for Salesforce helps individuals and organizations to build superior trust in the right relationships and to leverage that trust as a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace towards caring for customer concerns and achieving individual and corporate objectives. Learn more.

Data & Metrics

We provide specialized services and software that bring the human element to sales performance analytics. The RQ Assessment Salesforce app allows you to add rich Relational Capital data to your existing CRM including Salesforce products. Alternatively, the RQ Assessment can be operated as a solo web app for  rapid deployment and a minimal learning curve. Relational Capital Training practices, data, and tools become an important piece to you overall operations and ability to accurately forecast.


“Everyone knows that relationships are critical to business success, but no one has provided a simple system to turn contacts and acquaintances into valuable assets—until now.”

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