Ed Wallace's Keynote Talks

“We had a number of keynote speakers at our most recent annual meeting and after reviewing our meeting evaluations, Ed topped them all.  Ed connected very well with our attendees.  He was genuine, compelling, and his message of the significance of “Relational GPS” resonated with everyone.”

 – Clark Mulligan, President, Laboratory Products Association

“To be completely candid, Ed totally ‘kicked a__’ during his talk at our national meeting!”

– Libby Souder, Director of Knowledge, Training and Certification,
Strategic Account Management Association


Invite #1 best-selling author Ed Wallace to provide a keynote address for your next event.

Everyone knows that relationships are critical to business success, but no one has provided a simple approach to turn contacts and acquaintances into valuable assets—until now.

Ed Wallace is a best selling author and speaks internationally for companies and associations that are a Who’s Who of the Fortune 500. He has published four books on the impact of relational capital including critically acclaimed, Business Relationships That Last and #1 best seller, The Relationship Engine.  Ed shares compelling stories about Max the Taxi Driver and his competitor-proof approach to building relational capital in a way that just makes life better for everyone. By genuinely connecting with your customers and key contacts, by understanding their goals, passions and struggles (Relational GPS®) audiences have an opportunity to transcend typical business interactions and enjoy more fulfilling, more productive relationships.

Some of Ed’s Most Popular Keynote Topics include:
Creating Relationship Capital: So Easy a Taxi Driver Can Do It!
Protect Revenue, Protect Relationships
Invest in Relational Capital
Accelerate Virtual Relationships
Relationship Matter Now More Than Ever
Connecting With the People Who Power Your Business
Outperform Your Competition By Investing In Relationship Capital

Some Previous Speaking Engagements Include:
American Society for Training & Development
Associated Equipment Dealers
Deloitte Annual Partner Conference
Dow National Sales Meeting
Heavy Duty Marketing and Sales Forum
Laboratory Products Association
National Association of Manufacturers
Plastics Industry Association
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Villanova University Human Resource Masters Program
Vistage International
World Bank

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What people are saying about Ed Wallace’s Keynotes:

  • Simply profound!
  • Thought provoking! Brand new way to think about relationships.
  • Ed’s talk re-energized me to focus on our most strategic relationships.
  • This topic was immensely timely for things I’m focused on right now!
  • The content was superb!
  • I could apply Ed’s concepts to employees and vendors as well as clients. I did not anticipate his message would have that broad a reach!