A diverse workforce is 35% more likely to see greater financial returns than industry averages, and an Inclusive Leadership Culture begins with NEXT-Level leaders who are aware of their own biases and actively seek out and consider different perspectives.  

AchieveNEXT approaches its custom Inclusive Leadership work using a data-driven, employee-center process. An Assessment utilizing survey, focus groups and historical enterprise data builds a strong foundation, establishes a baseline, and identifies underlying root causes. We then Analyze data captured to create an agile, strategic road map specifically designed to lead to change and measurable outcomes.

The resulting AchieveNEXT Inclusive Leadership Road Map includes specific, measurable KPIs, goals and business outcomes. Those metrics are used to prioritize and drive Adoption at every touchpoint of the employee life cycle — through Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Leadership Development and Succession Planning. Metrics are benchmarked at various times throughout the implementation process to determine effectiveness of the work and the measurable impact and strategic plans for incorporating inclusive leadership elements into your organizational strategy and develop from here.

Five Reasons to invest in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Reason 1

A diverse workforce is 35% more likely to see greater financial returns than industry averages.

Reason 2

Diverse Management Teams have 19% higher revenue.

Reason 3

Substantial growth requires a strategic and integrated approach.

Reason 4

A DEI Road Map positively impacts people, process and enterprise financial performance.

Reason 5

Our customized DEI and Culture solutions provide each client with measurable outcomes and ongoing assessment of financial impact.







Our DEI & Culture Team

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