Transform your managers into Relational Leaders


Managers have not been developed


Gen Z and Millienials are not interested in manager roles


of employees say their manager is the reason they stay at their job.

AchieveNEXT has developed over 10,000 Relational Leaders helping increase impact, influence, and profits by strategically focusing on relationships.

Our programs develop core competencies: 

  • Leadership & Communication
  • Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Handling difficult conversations

With the broader goal of helping individuals: 

  • Learn to lead effective teams.
  • Handling difficult conversations.
  • Prioritize, measure, and advance the most important relationships.

    Our Manager Development Team

    Mark Roberts

    Milton Corsey

    Director, Human Capital
    Roy Shindele

    Misty Law Flurry

    Director of Learning & Analytics
    Omar Abdullah

    Omar Abdullah

    Ed Wallace

    Ed Wallace

    Managing Director