Cultivating Collaborations, Igniting Innovation: Relationship Training for a Dynamic Future in Technology.

In-person and online training programs

In tech, success isn’t just about solutions; it’s about building meaningful connections. Relationships fuel innovation and collaboration, shaping the true essence of triumph.

In the tech world, building connections is more than a skill—it’s a must. It’s vital for safeguarding users, promoting teamwork among tech pros, and identifying opportunities for innovation. 

Business Relationship Training

  •  Net New customer growth
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved relationships between account managers and customers
  • Advanced relationships with key strategic accounts
  • Expanded referrals through centers of influence.

Relational Leadership- First Time Managers

  • Mastery of the five key leadership roles: Technician, Manager, Coach, Architect, and Trailblazer.
  • Building and sustaining high-performing teams within the tech context.
  • Developing the ability to navigate and manage challenging conversations within the workplace.
  • Learning to prioritize, measure, and advance the most important relationships for professional success.
  • Understanding the significance of strategic relationship management in the insurance industry.

      1:1 Executive Coaching

      • Customized coaching for strategic leadership development specific to the tech sector.
      • Targeted improvement of relationship-building skills for personalized engagement with clients, stakeholders, and key partners.
      • Focused coaching on handling individual challenges in conflict resolution and strategic decision-making.
      • Tailored coaching strategies to facilitate seamless succession planning within the organization.
      • Support for executives not meeting performance expectations, with personalized development plans to address challenges and enhance performance.

      Our Technology Clients Include: